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fbi is an intelligence platform designed to display and update company information instantly. It's primary source is companies house but it also includes data from other sources to create a better picture of a business. We recognise there are hundreds of use cases for a company search from just being nosy through to trying to manage a large lending or trade credit risk. It is a quick and efficient search tool, combined with a vast and detailed business database.
We know there are other options. You can go into companies house and look for yourself. This is free too but there interface is not designed with a user in mind. You will have to click through a lot of different windows to see what you want. There are also a lot of fee paying options out there but we believe our interface is simpler and easier to use. We have built FBI to be the best user experience and we believe you should have this information for free.
The primary use is to assess counterparty credit risk but fbi has a wide range of purposes: private market intelligence, credit and business risk management, due diligence, market analysis, competitive analysis, business development, networking, and many other purposes.
fbi currently provides data for companies based in the UK and Ireland.
Yes. You will need to register, but registration is free and we will never charge for access.
Small companies in the UK with a turnover of £6.5 million are exempt from filing these figures – if they file them, the fbi platform will publish them. If a company has filed full accounts as opposed to abbreviated accounts, there is more data to capture.
Our credit score will take into consideration numerous factors including size and age of business, industry sectors, CCJ’s and bankruptcies. The fbi credit limit represents the maximum recommended credit exposure at any point in time.
It depends on a company's status and what type of accounts they’ve filed, i.e. non trading/dormant accounts. It could also indicate there is adverse information.
fbi is more than a data provider - we are a technology-enabled platform that provides data, insights and intelligence to solve daily business challenges.
Yes. Our unbiased technology uses your data and business profile to instantly show you what you’re likely to be approved for, whether that’s start-up funds, a credit card, an MCA, a business loan or a line of credit, and the most likely providers of such funding. Apply with confidence knowing we will help you find the best match. We are not affiliated with any particular lender and will provide unbiased advice.